Did you know that Orthodox Christian Supply offers custom panels for all our mounted icons

We can, per customer request, change the wood species with which we build our traditional panel icons.  Below is an example of a recent panel of St. Nikita the Stylite that we made in black walnut with hard maple splines.  Customization includes wood species, thickness of panel, and size of splines.  Pricing is based off of current board foot expense.  Contact us today if we may be of assistance in building your custom mounted icon.


with much thanks! in XC, silouan campbell



Photoshop Editing of Orthodox Icons

Did you know that Orthodox Christian Supply does Photoshop editing of icons?  In many cases we are able to remove glare, correct blurry areas, change orthography to english, remove shadows, etc.

Before                                    After

stdavidtreedweller10%22 copy copy      OTk3MzAwRUFGODBGNkU1NkQzRkI6MTA4N2IzODM3OTM3NmMyMTc2NzBiMzQ1NzI4YjgzY2U6Ojo6OjA=

In the case of this icon of St. David the Tree Dweller, the original had extreme glare cast across the entire image and the orthography was not legible.  We corrected these issues by replacing the entire background, removing the kovcheg, adding english orthography, eliminating shadows at the bottom of the icon and bringing more crispness to the overall composition.  If you need edits made to icons, please do not hesitate to let us know.



Hanging Hardware for the Traditional Panel Icons

Due to customer request, Orthodox Christian Supply now provides a sawtooth hanger with the the purchase of any Traditional Panel icon.  Classically, a hand painted icon also does not come with any hanging hardware, yet we feel the need to provide this option for our customers.  As a courtesy we will not send the hangers attached, but rather packed with the icon and leaving the decision to attach them up to customer preference.

At Orthodox Christian Supply, we appreciate your feedback and are grateful for suggestions which may aid in us providing better service and a better product.

with much thanks! in XC, silouan campbell


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Why do we build Traditional Panel Orthodox Icons?

It was the Traditional Panel concept that was, in fact, the impetus for us opening an online Orthodox icon store in the first place.  Our desire in this process was to create a reproduction icon that had the “feel” and sense of quality that one experiences when they hold an icon of antiquity or, for that matter, a newly painted icon from Russia today. Of course, we did not know how this product would be received and, to this end, we want to thank our customers sincerely for your overwhelming response to our signature product, the Traditional Panel Icon.  Glory to God!

Photos of our Traditional Panel Icons



traditional panel side back photo

Photos of traditional panel icons made in Russia today

modern panels in russia

иконные доски (2)


Photos of traditional panel icons from antiquity

3   ak8989-9c

How we make our Tradational Panel icons:

Our signature product, the traditional panel mounted icons, are made with the utmost care.  We begin with carefully selected 4/4 solid poplar.  Then we route dovetailed keyways through the reverse and insert the red oak splines.  This process is to keep the panel from warping over time, the same process as used in hand painted icons throughout antiquity.  We also route coves and chamfers on the splines themselves to create a decorative appeal, in the same fashion that is commonly used in Russia today.

We print our images on the lowest tooth market available canvas with natural pigment based inks.  The prints are then sealed with the highest quality giclee canvas varnish, complete with UV inhibiting properties (will not fade).  For our varnish we use a special mixture which brings out more color than a flat matte, yet still eliminates the glare commonly associated with gloss varnishes.

All our icons are sealed on face, backs, and sides.  We sand out every icon glass smooth to ensure that our customers not only see, but feel the quality of our product.

There are over 25 individual processes which go into every traditional panel icon, each preformed by hand.

Read what our customers say about the Traditional Panel icons:

“Your icons arrived today and are magnificent!  In fact your icons are by far the finest I have ever purchased.  You clearly spend a lot of time selecting quality images, and the care and attention with which you then reproduce them is striking.  Add to that the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that you bring to building the panels and perfecting the mountings, and in total, you’ve produced icons that truly feel alive with presence.  In my opinion these are the finest icons on the market.”  David D.

“This is my first purchase from this company and i can say without reservation this is the finest icon I have!  The craftsmanship is exquisite, the construction, the colors, I am so glad to have found your company.  You have a customer for life!  John D.

“This was my first purchase from OCS, it will  not be my last.  The icon craftsmanship was perfect.  The quality of the traditional panel is the nicest icon that I have.  A beautiful offering of this particular icon indeed.  I can tell that real attention was paid to the final result.  Highly recommended.”  Michael K.

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Working Hard on Website Updates

Glory to God, we have been working hard on a total overhaul of our website.  Our new features will include:

1.  A remake of our furniture portfolio with many new items added.  This section will now include additional images and a brief history on the project build.

2.  We are currently in the process of updating our entire icon catalog!  The new and revised catalog will now feature photos of the backs of our Traditional Panel icons (the new version) as well as more information on this particular style of icon.  Furthermore, each individual subject will now include a description of the image.  Follow the link here for an example.

3.  We also want to note that we are discontinuing the “Classic Panel” option for icons.  We can still do these on an individual basis, but, basically, they really do not fit into the theme of our product offerings.

There are many more website projects to come!  We would love to hear feedback from our supporters and customers and will be well pleased to take into account your suggestions for further website development.

And, again, thank you to everyone – for your prayers, support and generous kindness in words.  From our perspective, this is more valuable to us than sales.

in XC, silouan campbell, owner and founder of Orthodox Christian Supply



An Amazing Review

Just had to share this amazing review that we received in the mail today from one of our customers, Steven K.

“The icons you sent are anything but run-of-the-mill.  They’re beyond totally awesome.

I have two 14″ icons from another place.  They were top coated with a high gloss varnish that creates a very unattractive glare, which in turn causes eyestrain.  Moreover, if the varnish is oil-based (rather than water-based), it will eventually turn amber.  That is, it will make the icons look like they have a 500-yet old encrustation of incense and soot.

I was resigned to the fact that this kind of inferior workmanship is something one has to accept.  Then as I unwrapped your icons, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have no gloss, no sheen, no luster, but are perfectly matte.  Next i checked for brush marks, but there are none.  I could only conclude that if I were to examine your work under a scanning electron microscope, I’d find infinite perfection down to the molecular level.

Another good feature of these icons is the narrow band of vintage red paint next to the bare hardwood (not pine) on the sides.  No other icons have this painted border, but it gives a totally polished look, one that bespeaks painstaking attention down to the last detail.  As for the horizontal reinforcing bars on the back, these will mitigate against warpage, and that’s a help as I live in a very humid place.  Those bars also cause the lower part of the icon to incline slightly down, and not only is that visually attractive, but is also means that  dust won’t accumulate on the surface.

I’ll definitely want to place another order.


Steven K.”

Steven,  glory be to God – we are so pleased that you are pleased!



A Copy of an Ancient Russian Icon Corner

I was searching online some years ago and came across an ancient folk style Russian Icon corner that i wanted, very much, to replicate.  To this end, i created a slightly more modern version as a corner for my woodshop.  The shelf itself is poplar while for the trim and horses i chose black walnut.  The finish is a hand rubbed natural tung oil application; several coats and polished to a semi-gloss.

historical precedents

Shelf_for_Orthodox_icons_01_by_shakko MG_6006-580x386

our version

IMG_2070 IMG_2072

this shelf has currently been added to our product catalog.  we also plan to be adding two additional shelf designs which will be much more simple, yet just as functional.

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