We have improved the spline design on our Traditional Panel icons


We at Orthodox Christian Supply are very pleased to announce that there has been an improvement made to the design of our splines.  From this point on all our traditional panel icons will have this new profile, which keeps the panel from warping by holding it flat in both directions.  We are always trying to improve and welcome any suggestions which aid us in this process.


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Christ “Matthew 7:19”

“Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Matthew 7:19

I had to share this icon today as it is perhaps on of the most interesting and rare iconographic depictions that I have ever seen.   Very similar to the “Ladder of Divine Ascent”, we see in this icon those “ascending” towards virtue, i.e. bearing fruit, and those on the left, without fruit, which are cast down into the fire.  Christ stands in the middle presenting the Gospel and holding a sword.  Wow!  We will certainly have this one on the website soon.


xc vine variant small