Celtic Saints by Aidan Hart added to the website today.

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We are very pleased to announce that Aidan Hart has allowed us the use of his Celtic Saints collection.  These icons are now avalible as mounted icon options on both of our panel styles.

Mr. Hart lives in the United Kingdom and works prolifically as an iconographer. He iconographic style has become well know and respected throughout the world. In order to acquire hand painted originals, you may contact Mr. Hart through his webiste: aidanharticons.com



A New Review

“I received this beautiful portrait of St John of Kronstadt and I could not be more pleased. The finish is very nice and the colors are brilliant. Overall, a finely crafted product. I will be ordering more icons.”  Michael

Thank you Michael for your kindness – we are pleased that you are pleased!  Slava Bogu!



New spline design, better and improved

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We have changed our spline design on the traditional panels and the painting on the sides of our classic panel icons. Currently we are in the process of updating the new product photos to the website. These changes were natural developments in our product progression and we feel them to be improvements; the new splines are not only better aesthetically but also serve to hold the panels in both directions to prevent warping. Concerning the change in the painted sides of the classic panel icon, we were simply aiming at brining all our icons closer together in overall appearance.

At Orthodox Christian Supply we are always looking to make improvements. If you have any ideas which you think may aid us in this endeavour please do not hesitate to let us know!

with much thanks! in XC, silouan campbell


a traditional panel back


aa traditional panel side


aaa classic panel back


aaaa classic panel side