Orthodox Christian Supply Co. specializes in Eastern Orthodox icons with the aim to create reproductions which will last generations.

All mounted icons are measured by the longest dimension.  The second dimension varies according to print choice.  All our icons are printed on archival quality canvas with natural pigment based inks.  For our canvas we have chosen a very low tooth and unobtrusive weave, which means that our final prints are “smoother” than standard artist grade canvas. 

Our Traditional Panel icons are made with only the finest materials.  We begin with one inch thick solid poplar panels and then cut dovetail keyways through the reverse, in the same fashion that panels have been constructed throughout antiquity.  We then insert red oak splines to prevent the board from warping. We  print our icons on low tooth canvas using natural pigment based inks, seal the prints with UV inhibitors, and affix the prints to the panel with industry standard adhesive.  Once the sides are painted we seal the back to minimize any movement in the wood.  See photos below for a visual explanation.


The Classic Panel Icons have been reintroduced due to popular demand.  This time, however, we have set aside all inferior materials and have approached the design keeping in mind historical precedence.  The panel itself is solid poplar and the splines (red oak) are inserted in the top and bottom (as opposed to the back) as was popular in 19th century Russian panel construction.  The overall thickness of these icons are kept to 3/4″, the sides are painted red and the back is sealed.  Aside from the panel itself, all elements are the same as used in our well known signature product, the traditional panel icons.  See photos below for a visual explanation.


All of our icons are guaranteed against manufacturer defect and will maintain their color steadfastness in the excess of 100 years.


Please note that all our icons are made to order.  There many steps involved in the production of our icons; panel construction, printing, and drying times all contribute to us having about a one week lead time before your icon is ready.  Due to extremely busy times of the year this lead time can be extended.  Please know that we work as hard as we can to insure that your purchase is completed in the most timely manner possible.  If you do have a rush on your order please let us know at the time of order as in many cases we can reach deadlines when your purchase is time sensitive.


In general we list our icons at what we feel to be the highest quality printable size.  This being said, it is often the case that we can print icons larger than they are listed on the website.  On the one hand we try to play it safe, on the other it has been our experience that sizes larger than those listed print with no real loss to image resolution.  If you have a need for a larger size just let us know – we will work with the image and see what other options are avalible.  Of course this also applies to smaller images.  We have chosen to keep the smallest size at 9″ for our general “add to cart” option.  If you do, however, need smaller sizes just let us know as we commonly build smaller icons in the “classic” panel style.


Our approach to furniture centers on the principals of traditional style, classic lines, simple joinery, and clean fit and finish.  We offer numerous pieces which may be viewed on our website, as well as custom furniture beginning with consultation,  design, material selection, and then build.  We are ready and willing to assist with any furniture needs your parish may have.  Please do not hesitate to call for further discussion.


We offer discounts to church bookstores and retail markets which are interested in carrying our icons.  Call us directly, 704-999-3843,  to discuss details and discount percentages.



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