Why do we build Traditional Panel Icons?

I wanted to take a moment and comment on why we are in the process of closing out our “standard panel icons” and will soon be moving to exclusively the Traditional Panel option.  From our end, we feel that this style of panel is much more in line with the work we are trying to do here at Orthodox Christian Supply.  There are many suppliers of the MDF style boards and, in the beginning, we also chose to sell this option as we believed, at that time, that our customers “expected” icons to be of this nature.  In our experience, however, we have found that we sell 10 : 1 Traditional Panels icons over the standard MDF boards.   To us, this is absolutely amazing!  It was the Traditional Panel concept that was, in fact, the impetus for us opening an online Orthodox icon store in the first place.  Our desire in this process was to create a reproduction icon that had the “feel” and sense of quality that one experiences when they hold an icon of antiquity or, for that matter, a newly painted icon from Russia today.  Of course, we did not know how this product would be received and, to this end, we want to thank our customers sincerely for your overwhelming response to our signature product, the Traditional Panel Icon.  Glory to God!

Photos of our Traditional Panel Icons




Photos of traditional panel icons made in Russia today

modern panels in russia

иконные доски (2)


Photos of traditional panel icons from antiquity

3   ak8989-9c



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