An Amazing Review

Just had to share this amazing review that we received in the mail today from one of our customers, Steven K.

“The icons you sent are anything but run-of-the-mill.  They’re beyond totally awesome.

I have two 14″ icons from another place.  They were top coated with a high gloss varnish that creates a very unattractive glare, which in turn causes eyestrain.  Moreover, if the varnish is oil-based (rather than water-based), it will eventually turn amber.  That is, it will make the icons look like they have a 500-yet old encrustation of incense and soot.

I was resigned to the fact that this kind of inferior workmanship is something one has to accept.  Then as I unwrapped your icons, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have no gloss, no sheen, no luster, but are perfectly matte.  Next i checked for brush marks, but there are none.  I could only conclude that if I were to examine your work under a scanning electron microscope, I’d find infinite perfection down to the molecular level.

Another good feature of these icons is the narrow band of vintage red paint next to the bare hardwood (not pine) on the sides.  No other icons have this painted border, but it gives a totally polished look, one that bespeaks painstaking attention down to the last detail.  As for the horizontal reinforcing bars on the back, these will mitigate against warpage, and that’s a help as I live in a very humid place.  Those bars also cause the lower part of the icon to incline slightly down, and not only is that visually attractive, but is also means that  dust won’t accumulate on the surface.

I’ll definitely want to place another order.


Steven K.”

Steven,  glory be to God – we are so pleased that you are pleased!



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