Nativity season and upcoming plans

We want to thank everyone very much for your support during this Nativity season.  We experienced a record number of orders which was, to say the least, encouraging.  We have many hopes and plans for the future, beginning with the first step of moving back to the mountains of North Carolina.  By God’s great mercy, we were able to accomplish this goal in the month of October 2013.  Now we are set to close on a new woodworking shop, just minutes from our house, on January 16th…this month!  This is an absolute miracle for our company as this building had been a functioning woodshop for the past 20 years, complete with air lines, dust collection, 220v power, and a very nice finishing room.  Glory be to God!

We ask that you will please keep us in your prayers and, again, thank you to everyone for all of your encouragement, kind comments, and support.

in XC, silouan campbell

founder of Orthodox Christian Supply



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